2014 Community Impact Awards by Minnesota Business Magazine Nominations

Friday, March 21, 2014

Margaret Mead once said, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." The businesses honored in the Community Impact Awards put this thought into action. Whether a company employs four people or 4,000, it has the ability to make a positive impact. Many Minnesota companies make giving back a part of their culture in a variety of ways. With these awards, we give a nod to the best of their efforts. 

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Best in Class Award: Large
Recognizes large companies (more than 500 employees) that have excelled at helping nonprofits or other worthy causes.

Winner: Bell State Bank & Trust
Finalist: Bremer Bank 
Finalist: The Mosaic Company

Best in Class Award: Midsize
Recognizes midsize companies (51 to 500) that have excelled at helping nonprofits or other worthy causes.

Winner: Marsh & McLennan Agency Upper Midwest 
Finalist: Sunrise Banks
Finalist: The Nerdery

Best in Class Award: Small
Recognizes small companies (50 or fewer employees) that have excelled at helping nonprofits or other worthy causes.

Winner: Versique
Finalist: StoneArch 
Finalist: Worrell Design

Creative Campaign Award
Recognizes pro-bono marketing campaigns by Minnesota creative agencies created for nonprofits or other worthy organizations.

Winner: StoneArch 
Finalist: Swim Creative 
Finalist: WestmorelandFlint

Employment Award
Recognizes companies for providing jobs to Minnesotans -- or purposefully keeping jobs in the state.

Winner: Code42 
Finalist: Earth-Kind 
Finalist: Morrissey Hospitality Companies

Good Leader Award
Recognizes businesspeople whose excellence in character and leadership have made a positive impact.

Winner: David Reiling, CEO, Sunrise Banks 
Finalist: Mark Bergman, President/CEO, Bercom  
Finalist: Jeff Gau, CEO, Marco
Finalist: Nancy Lyons, President/CEO, Clockwork Active Media 
Finalist: John Wernz, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Wealth Enhancement Group

Long-term Achievement Award
Recognizes companies that have shown at least 10 years of commitment to helping nonprofits or other worthy causes.

Winner: Gray Plant Mooty 
Finalist: Risdall Marketing Group 
Finalist: Starkey Hearing Technologies

Mentoring Award
Recognizes company programs that help with the mentoring of rising talent in Minnesota.

Winner: JNBA Financial Advisors 
Finalist: Fairview Health Services 
Finalist: PrairieCare

Pro Bono Professional Services
Recognizes Minnesota companies that have performed pro-bono services for nonprofits or other worthy organizations. Examples could include consulting, accounting services, and legal work.

Winner: Stinson Leonard Street 
Finalist: Deloitte 
Finalist: RBA

Social Entrepreneurship Award
Recognizes Minnesota companies that were created to address social, environmental, or other issues.

Winner: Urban Ventures
Finalist: Finnegans
Finalist: Tech Dump

Sustainability Award
Recognizes companies for offering their products or services in a way that's better for the environment.

Winner: Uponor
Finalist: EarthClean Corporation 
Finalist: Relan

Workplace Giving Campaign Award
Recognizes a successful volunteer or employee-giving campaign for a nonprofit or other worthy organization.

Winner: C.H. Robinson 
Finalist: Carlson
Finalist: Eide Bailly

Youth Initiative Award
Recognizes events or programs by Minnesota companies that teach children skills, introduce them to fields of work, or inspire them to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Winner: Baker Tilly 
Finalist: H.B. Fuller 
Finalist: Rêve