About Us


Published by Tiger Oak Media and based in Minneapolis, Minnesota Business magazine covers small and midsize companies throughout the state, revealing the successes, challenges, and lessons to be drawn from their experiences. We keep this focus steady across industries, providing a fascinating mix of companies and personalities in every issue. Readers turn to us for not only useful information, but also inspiration as they pursue their success.

The sections of the magazine are as follows:



Short items (usually 75 to 400 words) to kick off the magazine. Examples:

  • Upcoming: Upcoming events, summits, or courses our readers might like to know about.
  • Bookshelf: Recently released books that shed light on the Minnesota business scene.
  • News briefs: Notable business news in Minnesota.
  • Statistics: Research that reveals interesting facts about business in Minnesota.
  • Government: Regulatory matters Minnesota companies should be aware of.



This section is focused more on interviewees and columnists sharing a point of view. Items range from 600 to 1,500 words. 

  • Q&As: Here we interview interesting personalities in and around the Minnesota business community who have an opinion or two to share.
  • Lessons for Leaders (John Palen): Our columnist recounts lessons learned from Minnesota-based business leaders.
  • The Networker (Steve Schussler): Our man about town in the Twin Cities covers an interesting Minnesota business personality, going wherever his relentless networking takes him.



This is the heart of the magazine. Here we spotlight anything notable happening in specific Minnesota industries, in a variety of story formats. In addition to news we might also include interviews, company profiles, and useful case studies. Stories here are about 1,000 to 1,500 words.

Possible sectors covered in Industry Watch include health care, robotics, manufacturing, law, banking, exporting, design, finance, staffing, medical devices, technology, consulting, and more.



In this section we run our longer stories. Stories range in size from 1,600 to 3,500 words. Topics vary, but here are some of the occasional regular departments

  • Local focus: There's more to Minnesota business than the Twin Cities. Here we pick a city like Duluth or St. Cloud and look at the opportunities and interesting smaller companies already thriving there.
  • Ecosystem: Here we look at a handful of companies thriving within the ecosystem of a larger entity phenomenon, such as Target Field or the craft beer boom.



This section includes Minnesota-specific business and leisure information that readers can also incorporate into their lives. Stories are about 200 words.