Gray Plant Mooty attorney Mike Cohen

Minneapolis law firm Gray Plant Mooty and MN DEED published the guide, which outlines data privacy laws and best practices

Jon Holt, chairman; Rob Holt, president and CEO


A grant from the Minnesota Job Creation Fund will help Super Radiator Coils grow

Kay Frandsen, who not only benefited from the Score program but now herself is a speaker for it, in her Plymouth shop, Wabi Sabi.

Plymouth business owners use a volunteer organization to help build their companies.

Northfield hosts the Defeat of Jesse James Days each year.

Northfield ranks second on a list crafted by
The Minnesota FastTRAC Adult Career Pathways Program was recognized by Vice President Joe Biden in a July 2014 report
Winners in each category will be honored during a Sept. 23 awards ceremony
Why Inprela Communications CEO Stephani Simon emphasizes value to customer over focus on brand
Wondering why you should work or do business in Minneapolis? Thousands of reasons for living in the city streamed in through Twitter last week
The Minneapolis brewing company will announce the winner of its second annual Brewer For the Day competition in August