Minneapolis law firm victorious in fight against technology patent troll

Patterson Thuente’s client, Kaspersky Lab, refused to settle in a lawsuit brought by Lodsys

Minneapolis law firm Patterson Thuente is celebrating today, and so is Kaspersky Lab, their client.

In a statement released Oct. 2, a Kaspersky Lab spokesman said that the company came out "victorious" in a lawsuit initiated by Lodsys, a "patent troll" suing the Russian IT security vendor for $25 million.

Kaspersky Lab was one of 55 companies named in the lawsuit, but the only company ready to go to a jury trial on Oct. 7, according to a Patterson Thuente press release. Instead of moving forward, Lodsys walked away from the lawsuit empty handed.                                                                                        

"Our position is firm. No concessions to the trolling scum and IT racketeers. We call on all other IT companies to keep on fighting and not give up. Only then will it be possible to get rid of the patent parasites once and for all," Eugene Kaspersky, Kaspersky Lab Chairman and CEO, said in a company statement.

Nadia Kashchenko, Kaspersky Lab's Chief Intellectual Property Counsel, said that the process to defeat Lodsys was difficult, leaving little time to prepare their case. "No concessions can be given in such cases," Kashchenko said.

*Patterson Thuente trial lawyer Casey Kniser pictured.