Sabes JCC event aims to spark ideas for local entrepreneurs

The evening will include networking and three inspirational speeches from successful business founders and owners

Entrepreneurs will fill the Muse Event Center on Jan. 22 thanks to an event that promises to leave idea-hungry business professionals inspired.

Hosted by the Sabes Jewish Community Center, "Spark! Annual Celebration of Innovation," will feature three entrepreneurial stories from successful executives including Greg Liberman, CEO of Spark Networks; Kieran Folliard, founder of Two Gingers Whiskey Company; and Colleen Needles, CEO of Tremendous! Entertainment.

"I'm excited to spend time with and get to meet other folks at the event, and explore entrepreneurship," Liberman says. "People should be excited to not only listen to the speakers, but to also engage with each other."

Curiosity and a focus on branding are two important topics that Liberman plans to discuss in his keynote speech.

"One of the things that is at the core of everything we do is building our brand and building relationships in the communities that we serve," Liberman says about Spark Networks. "We deliver value to the community, and I look forward to sharing some of our success. The best marketers we have by far are people that met on our site(s)."

Liberman joined Spark Networks in 2004 as the company's general counsel. He quickly worked his way up to chief operating officer the following year and was president by 2006. In 2011, Liberman became CEO and director of the company, which now runs 30 online dating websites including niche dating giants like and

"For me, as excited as I am to talk, I think I'm really more excited to meet a bunch of people and hear their stories," Liberman says, referring to the cocktail hour and networking session scheduled prior to the speeches. "I usually learn as much, or more, from others as they learn from me."