A degree in entrepreneurship

U of M and St. Thomas students balance college and their own company

By Laurel Streed
Monday, September 26, 2016

In the summer of 2014, young entrepreneurs John Mulvahill, Sevy Gondeck and Simon Gondeck began their own web design and development company, MG Web Partners. The three young men are still in school at the University of St. Thomas and University of Minnesota; John and Simon will graduate in May and Sevy is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Accountancy. They didn’t want to wait to start the business until after school — they saw an opportunity to help businesses and went for it. Between sports, being placed on the Dean’s list, entering Graduate school, and starting a business, these three still manage to stay balanced.

MG Web Partners focuses on helping companies make their websites modern, functional and easy to navigate, which helps deliver more customers and drive revenue. It helps make a company’s website an asset rather than a setback.

“Immediately we thought about how useful starting a company could be,” John says. “We’ve dealt with a lot of tech people that we had a hard time communicating with so we saw this as an opportunity to go above and beyond the industry standard.”

Some of the company’s completed website fixes includes Magna Test Prep and Minneapolis Portfolio Management Group. The three say the company is only as good as its last project, and are constantly striving to raise the bar. “Every day, businesses lose clients because their website is hard to navigate. You don’t want that, and we don’t want that for you,” says Sevy.

So what makes this company different? These men are taking advantage of their young age by using social media to promote their work. Having a fresh perspective to traditional web content doesn’t hurt either. They are committed to the people behind the websites. “We’re trying to make it more of a people-to-people business instead of a ‘sitting in front of a computer’ business,” says Simon. “We want to meet people and learn how we can help them.”

In the future they hope to offer more services like social media and advertising help. They strive to build to bigger clients by providing quality products and service, and say that is the number one reason why they will or not will succeed in the future.