In our CEO roundtable groups, we often discuss why leaders aren’t making progress toward their goals — and this question comes up. Getting to the why of a business goal seems simple, but the distractions of sales and production and employees can bury this message. There is no point in a business if no one wants what you’re selling. Read More
About one third of the CEOs in our survey said one of the worries that keep them up at night are concerns about President Trump. Here are some comments:
Backwards on Equity 
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Perhaps it should not be surprising that about 10% of the respondents to our CEO Survey said they used dreams to help solve their problems. Dream expert Sheila McNellis Asato* says people have always used dreams to solve problems. Read More

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Although only in his mid-thirties, Studio/E member Justin Hanratty has blazed a path that takes most people a half-century to achieve. President of his father’s insurance brokerage Hanratty & Associates by 2010 and CEO by 2013, Justin already has years of leadership experience under his belt. Read More
I love that Minnesota Business magazine has dedicated an entire issue to women leaders. We’re an incredibly fortunate business community because we have numerous women to feature and likely not enough space in one issue to capture all of these talented people (a good problem to have). Read More
I have worked with business owners for more than 27 years. There are three tried-and-true tenets that help startups become mature companies:
#1 Going completely solo is a myth  
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In 2008, I remember designing a spin-the-bottle iPhone app. It followed the basic rules of the classic junior high game, except that you couldn’t actually spin the bottle, at least not by flicking the screen, as you would expect. You had to spin the whole phone for the game to work. So essentially the app was a just picture of a bottle. Read More
Cem Erdem built a thriving international business in Minnesota and has worked to help the next generation of entrepreneurs do the same. Read More

It’s a rule of thumb often quoted by bankers and MBA professors: Half the startups that get off to an optimistic start today will be toast in five years.
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