Ian Levitt

Is the future of radio podcasting?

Ian Levitt, owner of Studio Americana thinks so

Studio Americana is tucked away in the old KQRS studio location in Golden Valley. Once home to many other radio stations, the studio sat empty when Ian Levitt walked in while scouting for space for his business. Ian has 20 years of radio experience and was launching Studio Americana – a podcast production business. Originally, he was thinking of building out a space but once he walked into the studio located at Hwy 55 & 100 he knew it was the place.


“There are 33 reasons why I started a business focused on podcasting but the number one reason is it was a really good idea,” Ian Levitt, founder of Studio American explained. “It was a good idea for me with my decades of experience and the desire to help people who want to produce shows.”


Ian believes the future or radio is podcasting. Podcasting is exploding and Ian expects that in a decade or less radio stations will be pulling content and talent from podcasts. He could see the future of radio transforming and wanted to get in at the ground level.


Today, he has produced over 20 different shows including Hyperbole, The Operatory, Under the Veil, Power to the Podcast and is currently producing a show for Three Rivers Parks. Clients come to Studio Americana to record shows with options to record a single show to multiple seasons. Most clients batch record, meaning they record multiple episodes back to back and release them out on their own timeline.


Ian’s vision for Studio Americana is to make it easy for people to jump into the podcast game. Clients just need the idea for a show and Ian takes care of everything else. He and his team provide the broadcast quality equipment which he was very purposeful about purchasing, editing services, publishing and an informed perspective on all things podcast related.


“People come into the studio and often say, ‘It feels like I am at a radio station recording a show,’” Levitt shared. “And they are.”


There are so many people that have thought about doing a podcast but they don’t have the resources to do it and they don’t know about Studio Americana so they give up on the idea. My goal is to let those companies know we are here to help and that podcasting can be easy.  The only thing clients are required to do is come up with the content of the show.


Ian provides other audio services at the studio like remote recording which they partnered with the BBC Worldwide to record an interview at their studio so it felt like the guest was in the BBC studio overseas. He also recently branched into recording audiobooks.


If you’ve got questions about jumping into podcasting you can reach Ian Levitt at his studio at Studio Americana. www.studioamericana.com


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