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Employees, tenants feel valued at Guardian Property Management

Employees, tenants feel valued at Guardian Property Management

In today’s housing market, renting out one’s property can be a profitable source of income for homeowners. But how does one even get started? That’s where Guardian Property Management, a third-party provider of property management services, comes in.

Covering Shoreview to Edina to Fridley and everywhere in between, Guardian Property Management services more than 200 owners with 750 properties, from single-family homes to multi-unit apartment buildings. With a small-but-mighty team at the helm, Guardian has established itself as a leader in the Twin Cities area.

Guardian Property was recently honored as one of Minnesota Business magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For, and employees surveyed revealed why the company earned such high marks. 

Staying on top of trends

Training is key for Guardian Property Management employees, who gave high marks to ease of access to educational opportunities. Everyone is afforded “training on our technologies and trends within the rental field, especially Fair Housing Laws Project Management Maintenance Training,” explained one employee. These investments in training “help me grow in my role at Guardian,” said another.

And it has paid off for the company: They continue to add staff, rental units and, in recent years, were honored with Minnesota Multi Housing Association’s MADACS awards for Best Leasing and Best Team.

Education goes beyond Guardian Property’s employees. In 2017, when the Minneapolis City Council approved an ordinance intended to combat discrimination against prospective tenants using Section 8, Guardian Property Management offered its expertise to help its property owners and potential renters navigate the tricky world of housing regulation.

Visibility makes the difference

In the 100 Best Companies to Work For survey, employees gave Guardian Property Management a nearly a perfect score when it came to communication from upper-level management. Guardian’s survey results reflect the value of transparency that the company prides itself on; its leadership takes special care to let prospective tenants know that someone from the business is available 24/7.

And it’s not just tenants: One of the unique benefits Guardian Property Management offers to its property owners are monthly reports on the performance of their dwellings. As an added convenience, owners can access these reports at any time.

The heart of the operation

A common thread through employee’s responses was Guardian Property Management’s emphasis on the importance of the team: “[We have] many moments of camaraderie, laughter and sharing in each other’s accomplishments,” said one employee. Another echoed that sentiment, saying: “This company is always having fun. I come to work, and I get to work with my friends. The camaraderie around here is fantastic. Even on stressful, busy days, I am honored to work at Guardian.”

One of the five core values of Guardian Property Management — laughter and positive attitude — shows how important fun is to the company. “Those aren’t just words on a mission statement; they’re concepts that inform everything we do. When all those pieces are in place, the result is a positive experience for both employees and clients,” said owner Jennifer Olson Spadine in a statement.

And a positive experience is achieved: One employee ebulliently wrote, “Our company shows its appreciation to employees by having group events to look forward to. This past year we had a night out at Pro Cart (go-carts) and dinner. Lots of fun! Last year we started giving a vendor appreciation holiday party to say ‘thank you’ to all the businesses that help in our company’s growth and success.” The employee ended their response with an enthusiastic “Guardian rocks!!”

One Guardian Property Management employee underscored the company’s alacrity toward engaging its staff by noting it strives to “create an environment where employees are valued and rewarded.” 

Good, Better, Best

In addition to having fun, another core value of Guardian Property Management is operating under by the good, better, best philosophy. One employee noted, “We have a well-rounded team that works well together and always tries to do their best in life as well as work.”

The high amount of positive reviews shows that employees really do bring their best every day, with customers remarking on the team’s flexibility, willingness to go the distance and their overall courteous demeanor. “I will continue to rent through this agency until I purchase my own home,” said the most recent Guardian Property Management reviewer.