How to Spend It: Hiding in plain sight

Get to know the foodie-friendly shops, restaurants, and breweries of the Twin Cities

By Maggie Kelly

When Minnesota native Rebecca Pfeiffer returned to the Twin Cities from a vacation, she wanted to enjoy a local food tour like the one she had taken on her trip. When it turned out there wasn't one, she took matters into her own hands and founded Taste Twin Cities Food and Drink Tours.

"It's a great way to learn about the city," she says. While tours are generally thought to be for tourists, these food and drink tours are also for locals who want to know a little bit more about where they live, and the Minneapolis Riverwalk Tour is great for both. The first tour ever offered by the company, it is still the most popular, taking participants through the Mill District and across the Stone Arch Bridge. "There's a ton of history there," Pfeiffer notes. "You get food and a whole tour all in one."

The Minneapolis Riverwalk Tour is $45 per person (note that prices vary depending on the tour, and the tours change with the seasons).

In November the company will launch The Ethnic Market Tour. Via luxury coach, guests will be taken to three local markets of different ethnicities and be introduced to the store owners, who will share how they got started and show what they offer.

The idea, says Pfeiffer, is that "you can feel confident going back in there [after the tour] to ask for help, and you'll be able to make some different meals that way." It's a great way to become familiar with the Twin Cities' ethnic markets, which can be intimidating to the inexperienced.

Local wine and beer more your thing? The company offers winery tours from May to October and brewery tours through its sister site