Leaders in Health Care 2013: Startup

Awarded to a remarkable new health care company established within the past three years and based in Minnesota

Winner: Rebiotix

Founded in 2011, Rebiotix is a clinical-stage biotechnology company founded to revolutionize the treatment of patients suffering from debilitating gastrointestinal diseases. Moving from concept to clinical application in less than two years, the company has pioneered a new therapy using live microorganisms derived from healthy humans that are then transplanted into the intestinal track of sick patients. Led by president and CEO Lee Jones, the company has developed its first product and has an FDA-approved Investigational New Drug application for clinical testing throughout the United States.

Finalist: CogCubed

Minneapolis-based game and data company CogCubed was founded in 2011 by husband-and-wife team Kurt Roots and Dr. Monika Heller. Drawing on his background in computer science and hers in child and adolescent psychiatry, CogCubed provides accessible, affordable, entertaining, and scientifically validated games and tools to diagnose and/or treat ADHD and autism. By utilizing gaming systems that leverage multiple sensors, CogCubed invented a new approach to identify and treat cognitive disorders in all ages. Through these games, clinicians, educators, and consumers can better understand and improve cognitive health.

Finalist: RetraceHealth

Founded in 2011 with a mission to make primary care medicine personal, affordable, and convenient for everyone, RetraceHealth is a fee-for-service primary care clinic without walls. For $85 per visit, the patient gets an in-home visit and a video visit, with no time limits. The company can administer any medical care that is provided in a traditional family practice clinic, and members pay out-of-pocket at the time of their visit for labs, screening, and tests at prices about 50 percent lower than a traditional clinic.