Made in Minnesota: A Twig that doesn’t snap

Twig Case Co.’s layered-paper iPhone cases keep your beloved gadget safe and hip

By Tom Johnson

The idea for Twig Case Co. came to John Woodland while designing a custom guitar back in 2011. A luthier by trade, Woodland had just purchased an iPhone and found himself disappointed with the shoddy quality of the wood and bamboo cases on the market  everything he purchased destroyed itself within a week.

With the problem in mind, Woodland realized that Richlite, a layered-paper material he plied to create bridges and fingerboards, could be the answer to his phone case woes. Woodland called up his artistically inclined buddy, Jon Lucca (see interview), and less than a year later, on July 4, Twig cases were on the market.

The company's cases feature beautifully intricate artwork, created not only by nationally renowned artists, but local ones as well, including Adam Turman (see Making the scene, February 2014).

Twig distinguished its products early on with an above-and-beyond commitment to environmentally friendly construction  it claims to be the only iPhone case maker with certification from the Forest Sustainability and Rainforest Alliance.

From their workshop in Waseca, Woodland and Lucca have been kept busy beyond expectation by orders for Twig's nearly 100 Richlite-fabricated cases. Most of their sales come through their website, and a majority, roughly 60 percent, ship internationally.

"We're doing really well in Russia and Japan right now," explains Lucca. "It feels good knowing we're shipping USA-made cases outside of the states."