Guest column

I started my own company when I was 31. By all accounts, I was a highly energetic, successful and driven individual.
I had a five-year plan. I had monthly goals. I had contingency plans. You know what I didn’t plan for? I didn’t plan for my active and healthy 35-year-old body to be rushed to the hospital with stroke-like symptoms. Weird, I know.
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Although I’m set to retire at the end of 2016 after a career filled with joys, adversity, challenges and triumphs, I’ll never forget my first job straight out of college.
At 20 years old, I was hired as executive director of a small nonprofit in the beautiful northern Minnesota town of Northome, a community deep in Minnesota’s northern forest.
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There has been a lot of talk in this election cycle about restricting trade. There has also been a lot of talk about income inequality and the demise of the American middle class. I believe there is a strong causal relationship between these trends. Read More

Though his career has taken a few curve balls, Peter Himmelman has always been creative. The Minnesota-born songwriter, musician and singer started out by becoming a rock star, first with the group Sussman Lawrence and then with a band under his own name. From there he became a composer for film and television. Read More
Everyone is aware that low-cost food has a price, whether it’s on the environment, the local economy or our bodies. What people don’t talk about is the opportunity that each of us has to change the world when we pick foods that are real, sustain resources and treat people well. Read More
Surprise! It is not only white men investing in startup businesses these days! Women and minorities are becoming bigger factors in this investment landscape and early data indicates this will continue to change the type of business that are receiving funding. Read More
A friend of mine works for an international real estate company. She recently told me about an intense negotiation she had with a group of Japanese businessmen. After laborious hours of negotiations, a bell chimed and the interpreter informed her that her Japanese counterparts would be taking a 15-minute power nap per their company policy — in their suits, on the floor of the boardroom. Read More
Did you know that 70% of corporate strategies fail to meet their objectives? I think we can agree that’s a dismal statistic. But what’s not as clear is why failure occurs — and how your company can beat the odds. Read More
Whether you work in public relations or not, defining and explaining the value of what we do is really hard. PR practitioners have come to be known in many circles as spin doctors, party planners or simply people that companies call when a crisis situation hits. Read More