Health Care

Six years after its passage, it’s the source of both help and hassles for small business
Don’t ask Taryn Krumweide about her job description at Wagner Falconer and Judd unless you have time for her to spell out her responsibilities at the downtown law firm.
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Here at Minnesota Business magazine, we aim to honor those who lead. And as the state of Minnesota leads the health care industry, we are excited to recognize its health care leaders. Read More
Everyone has an opinion about the Allina nurses’ strike. For now, the focus is on bringing the situation to an amicable resolution. But the underlying conditions that brought the simmering disagreement to a boil won’t go away — and, in the coming years, they’re actually likely to worsen. Some perspective is in order. Read More

MNPHARM’s Founder and CEO Dave Roeser

Tobacco is widely known to cause cancer — when rolled into a cigarette and smoked. But advances in genetic sequencing has allowed a new Minnesota company to use the plant to generate an anti-cancer vaccine. MNPHARM grows tobacco indoors, and when the plants are mature, they are infected. Read More
The health sector continues to be one of the economy’s largest, fastest-growing and most lucrative industries. Consuming over 10% of gross domestic product in most developed nations, health care represents a robust proportion of the national economy. Read More

The original hand developed by Dr. D. Subbaram Naidu

It looks like a prop from a movie set in the future — a five fingered mechanical hand, driven by sensors.
It’s not science fiction; it’s in development in a Minnesota lab.
But despite the obvious potential for the replacement appendage, its creator remains stymied in his efforts to get the funding to complete his work and bring the prosthetic to the masses.  
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Drive down the nearest commercial strip and just try not to pass a franchised business. (Spoiler alert: you can’t.) Read More
Minneapolis-based telehealth company Zipnosis just launched a first-of-its-kind “virtual boarding pass” for patients and providers using its branded virtual healthcare platform. Read More
Minneapolis-based online behavioral health startup Learn to Live just announced a $1 million fundraising haul from several high-profile investors, including Blue Cross B Read More