Inspiring Women

I first met Meg Thoreson through the Women’s Business Alliance, an initiative of the Entrepreneur Fund in northern Minnesota. We immediately hit it off — as we both help entrepreneurs and their leadership teams through our work. Meg is a dynamo, and one of the many things I admire about her is how well she manages it all. Read More
Laurie Wondra has been a CIO and VP of Client Experience. She’s currently an executive consultant and also a shaman, one who is conversant with the spiritual realm. Let me start with a disclaimer in case your inner skeptic kicks in. Laurie has had an impressive career as a leader in IT, an industry that doesn’t attract large numbers of females. Read More

Junita Flowers, owner of Favorable Treats

On stage, she appeared unassuming and at ease as she sat with a panel of three other business owners at the Minnesota Business Executive Breakfast Forum last fall. As she answered every question, I was struck by Junita Flowers’ candor and energy. Read More

Julie Causey, chairman emeritus of Western Bank, has always been “driven by challenges” — some of which you wouldn’t expect. Looking at her, it’s clear she’s a sharp business woman; passionate about teams, a catalytic force wherever she’s engaged, but it wouldn’t occur to you that she’s a serious athlete. Read More
If you’ve met Nancy Lyons, you’d be confident in thinking she’s an extrovert.  She mixes well, has a wicked sense of humor and is an easy person to like. When you get beyond the day-to-day, you’ll find she describes herself as a “closet introvert” and the CEO of Clockwork has been in extroverted careers throughout her life. Read More

Kimpa Moss [left] and Beth Kieffer Leonard [right] at the Lurie office in Minneapolis

In case you hadn’t noticed, accounting firm Lurie LLP has been going through some changes. For anyone driving East on Highway 394, the newly rebranded Lurie sign is impossible to miss. Read More
Amelia Mata leads a purpose-driven life. She grew up in the family business, Hennepin Home Health Care (HHHC), a Medicare-certified home health care agency her parents founded in 1974. Read More
When I think of brilliant leaders, Kay Phillips, co-owner and former president of ATEK Companies, immediately comes to mind. From winning high school basketball state championships to growing ATEK while president, Kay has been a leader since the beginning. Read More
Let me begin by stating the obvious: Kate Grathwol has a lot to manage. She serves as CEO of Vision Loss Resources (VLR), a nonprofit organization that is the state’s largest provider of services, skills and support for people who are experiencing vision loss. Read More