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Megan Junius with Glenn Ford, an Emerging Leaders instructor

Entrepreneurial success is good for any community — especially an economically distressed one. With that in mind, in 2008 the U.S. Read More

Chris Naylor

"Only 5 percent of business owners are getting what they want out of their business,” says Chris Naylor, founder of B.Better Success Coaching in Wayzata. The Entrepreneurial Operating System  Read More
Change is afoot in the modern American workplace. As baby boomers retire, millennials will replace them, and leaders will have to adopt a different management style.
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There’s a lot of value in conversations, information sharing, and learning from people outside of your own company,” says Kathy Marsh, director of marketing and communications for the Minnesota High Tech Association (MHTA).
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John Sweeney, co-owner of Brave New Workshop in Minneapolis

What could comedy possibly have to do with improving business? Plenty, according to John Sweeney, co-owner of the improvisational and sketch comedy theater Brave New Workshop in Minneapolis. Founded in 1958 by Dudley Riggs, it’s the longest-running comedy theater in the United States.
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"When I was in college, I was extremely shy,” says Frank Fuller, president of St. Paul–based Sunrise Banks. “My mother gave me the book How to Win Friends and Influence People. Read More
For business leaders, tunnel vision can be an occupational hazard. That’s why Leadership Minnesota aims to widen perspectives on the state’s economy. Read More
What business owner doesn’t want to live and work in a vibrant, thriving community? For more than 25 years, the Blandin Foundation has been investing approximately $100,000 into rural-area towns and small cities around Minnesota through its Blandin Community Leadership Project (BCLP). Read More

LSP participants acting out

It's a shortcoming of many entrepreneurs: Putting so much focus on the business that you lose sight of the community in which it operates. Yet where better to make valuable connections? One place to counter this tendency is Leadership St. Read More