Lessons for Leaders

The health care industry is facing a potential epidemic of burnout. Read More
Downtime” is a word manufacturing owners want to avoid. They explore every possible avenue of quality, safety, efficiency and innovative solutions to remain relevant and running.
For years, one major challenge to their success has been the search for skilled talent. But with skilled talent comes another challenge: retention.
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Experts say that an apple a day is good for you, but what kind of apple?
The Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) movement has taken firm root in Minnesota along with organic farms, farmers markets, pick-your-own farms and farm-to-table restaurants. Consumers can purchase everything from honey and beef to goat’s milk, maple syrup, wine and a whole variety of vegetables and fruit.
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Too often, a ‘millennial’ conjures the mental picture of job-hopping, “selfies,” lurking around coffee shops, catching an Uber and pulling off giant headphones long enough to stare at us like we’re dinosaurs. Read More

Channel Capital Partners VP Adam Peterson (left) and CEO Brad Peterson. Photo by Joel Schnell

Since 2008, small business loan balances held by U.S. banks are down by $100 billion. At face value, this FDIC statistic seems good. Small businesses are healthier and paying down their debts, right? Read More
Technology companies like to create a vision of the ‘corner office’ as anywhere a leader wants to be: the beach, the gym or sitting on a deck in the woods. Read More
Today’s leaders fail when they put self-interest ahead of company interests,” says Bill George, professor at Harvard Business School and the former CEO of Medtronic. He was speaking to a crowd of nearly 800 in Brooklyn Center during the annual Allied Executives Business & Economic Outlook Event.  Read More
Innovation only comes through trial and error. Every true entrepreneur knows this and is willing to risk failure in the pursuit of innovation. Once success happens, the key is to keep risking and exploring. Read More
Coming from a family of entrepreneurs can either be oppressive or energizing. It depends on what approach current leaders use to develop the next generation, which sometimes includes allowing them to create something new for their futures. Read More