Made in Minnesota

Stumbling across a Facebook post about the plastic pollution problem, Paula Polasky began exploring the topic further through websites and blogs.
“It opened my eyes to a problem that people don’t typically talk about,” says Polasky. “It resonated with me. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.”
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While on a trip to his family’s cabin in central Minnesota, Jason Lawinger was enjoying a snack of cashews. He and his son, then two years old, began play-wrestling, when suddenly his son’s face swelled in reaction to the cashew salt left on his dad’s sweatshirt. The diagnosis was swift — nut allergy — and the doctor recommended an EpiPen. Read More
Success hasn’t changed MyPillow inventor Mike Lindell. Certainly, his good fortune with his company (My Pillow Inc.) has transformed his small family business into a big employer, but his business model and philosophy on life? Rock solid. Read More

Jesse Lammi wanted to find a way to keep aging family members close. After his grandfather injured himself at age 92 and ended up in a nursing home, Lammi found it distressing to watch his grandfather leave loved ones and become isolated from his community. Read More
Krista and Steve Aspinwalls’ story begins during a rough patch in 2010 — with the economy on the downturn. The couple decided to leave their home in New Mexico for Krista’s native Minnesota, hoping that the traditionally thriving, innovative Twin Cities would be kind to them. Read More
In the disconnect between agriculture and technology, you’ll find Conservis Corp.
“We want to help the business-oriented, progressive farmer, the one who’s concerned with where the world is going and is receptive to new ideas,” says Christopher Benyo, Minneapolis–based Conservis’s chief revenue officer.
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Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started building what would become Apple in a small garage in southern California. Founders of Nike, Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight, didn’t even have a garage — they sold shoes from the trunk of their car. The situation was similar for Robbie Harrell and Stu Lombardo. Read More
The Red Devil brand has been around since the 1800s, and in the 1940s it started manufacturing a paint shaker that helped make sure new buckets of paint were thoroughly mixed when they were bought. But in 1992 Tom Gessner bought the equipment side of Red Devil. Read More
While most of us sacrifice childhood hobbies to enter the professional world, local entrepreneur Daniel Siskind managed to find a loophole. After 25 years running a record label, he started Brickmania, a company that creates custom Lego kits. Read More