Everyone knows the brands Medtronic, St. Jude Medical and Boston Scientific, the high-profile medical device innovators with deep Minnesota roots.
They are but the tip of the sector’s iceberg.
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Among the Minnesota manufacturers that conducted open houses last week was the Quanex Building Products facility in Mounds View, which makes grilles and other products for windows and doors. Read More
Manufacturing is the backbone of Minnesota’s economy. When we add it up, manufacturing provides more than 292,000 jobs and contributes $37 billion to the state’s economy, according to the Department of Employment and Economic Development. Simply put, manufacturing makes a difference. Read More

At Ultra Machining Co. (UMC)  in Monticello, business is humming like the whir emitted by the multimillion-dollar CNC machines on the factory floor. Read More
The story of Safe Reflections begins in 1993, when inventor Bob Koppes founded the company to produce safety-enhancing reflective materials for the armed forces, the service industries and athletic wear. Read More

Scott Ebert, CPA and partner at the Minneapolis office of Baker Tilly. Photo by Tate Carlson

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Design Ready Controls, a maker of electronic control panels, grew so fast in its Rockford home that it grew short of both space and workers. That’s why CEO Troy Schmidtke decided to build its new $10 million facility in Brooklyn Park. Read More

These three parts of the Juno spacecraft's Jovian Auroral Distribution Experiment (JADE) instrument were made by Minneapolis-based precision manufacturing company Diversified Plastics.

You’ve probably heard the month’s big space news already.
NASA successfully maneuvered its high-tech Juno spacecraft into orbit around Jupiter earlier in July. Juno is set to circle the gigantic planet, some 365 million miles (at its closest approach!) from Earth, for the next 20 months.
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Every nine seconds, an American worker seeks medical attention for a workplace injury. Each injury costs, on average, $40,000, including direct and indirect losses. So American employers lose $250,000 every minute to a problem that, by and large, can be prevented. Read More