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The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) is the only national dues-based organization that represents women entrepreneurs across all industries. Read More
Meetings and events professionals from around the world will soon gather in the Twin Cities for the 2014 World Education Congress. Organized by Meeting Professionals International, a long-established nonprofit association based in Dallas, the event will be held in the Minneapolis Convention Center on the weekend of August 2-5. Read More
It may be the dead of winter now, but come summer Minnesota will be abloom with major meetings and events, each making a significant impact on the local economy. That's especially true in the Twin Cities. Read More

Want some nightlife after work but feel you should spend more time networking? On Feb. 18 in Minneapolis, you can do both, thanks to Network After Work, a national organization that specializes in combining the two things. Read More
When it comes to event planning, it isn't just that the devil is in the details—it's that the sheer number of details is devilish. For improperly staffed organizations hoping to put on an event, this presents a problem. Read More