Björgvin Saevarsson (far right) hard at work with Übergrün employees

The Übergrün agency exists to help its clients use sustainable tools to share their message. The agency’s goal when promoting a brand is to leave an environmental footprint that is not just minimal, but rather, nonexistent. Read More

Björgvin Saevarsson, founder of Übergrün – The Umlaut in Ädvertising

A Minneapolis-based agency has taken green marketing to a whole new level, using only 100% degradable natural materials like moss, snow and volcanic dust. Read More
Today at the Smart Cities Forum, the White House recognized St. Paul-based Accelerated Innovations for the company’s work with nonprofit Envision America. Read More

Minneapolis-based Eureka Recycling, an organization focused on recycling, composting, waste reduction and producer responsibility, among other initiatives, will host the Twin Cities' first Zero Waste Summit on September 18 at Brave New Workshop in Minneapolis. Read More

Aerial view of the Hometown BioEnergy plant

Microbes are so small that millions can fit onto the tip of a needle. Read More
Green America, a national nonprofit consumer organization promoting sustainability, recently named St. Paul-based Peapods as one of the winners of the People & Planet Award. Read More
Peapods, a business in St. Paul that sells all-natural toys and baby care products, is one of 10 other companies in the running to win the People and Planet Award by Green America -- a national organization that supports sustainable business practices. Read More
Sage Electrochromics made a big announcement during the annual Read More
Dallas Meyer has seen the light. As the founder, president, and CTO of tenKsolar, a Bloomington-based manufacturer of commercial rooftop solar photovoltaic systems, says, “Who wouldn’t want to use solar energy?”
Read More