Made in Minnesota

Nevers crafts one-of-a-kind conference tables

In Maple Grove, Nevers crafts one-of-a-kind conference tables

Tucked away in Maple Grove is a small business that’s making a large visual impact in companies across the country. Launched out of a garage in 1976, Nevers Industries produces complex custom conference tables. Nevers’ tables are designed to fit specific needs. Some are equipped with screen consoles that rise up out of the table, others with retractable keyboards and electrical outlets.

But these tables aren’t just functional, they’re also beautifully handcrafted by artisans. Clients include government agencies, NFL teams and prominent Fortune 500 companies.

Nevers has introduced new product collections in the past year, including Tempezo™ from designer Terry Hunt. The company also recently partnered with fellow Minnesota company Cambria to incorporate Cambria’s innovative natural stone quartz designs into its current and future product lines.

The majority of the core materials used to make Nevers’ products are sourced in the tri-state area. CEO Chris Evenstad says his employees are passionate about what they do — on average, employees have been with the company for 17 years. Tables lead, Steve Magadanz, for example, has been with Nevers for more than 25 years. Evenstad says that Magadanz and his team look for the smallest imperfections and won’t send anything to a client unless they are comfortable that it is perfect.

“These aren’t people pushing buttons to make tables. They are craftsmen and artists. They are perfectionists. They are the lifeblood of the company,” says Evenstad. “It’s not just the Nevers name on the product. It’s their name too.”