Project to Bring Broadband to Rural Minnesota Communities

The construction of a 428 fiber optic network miles will begin next week in Duluth. The network is equipped with 10GB Dense Wave Division Multiplex (DWDM) to provide economy of scale to deliver high bandwidth at a low cost per bit.

 Statewide the network will connect 36 rural Minnesota communities in 23 counties; nine of these counties rated as ‘economically distressed,’ and six in Wisconsin. Network will deliver a minimum of 100 MB broadband Ethernet services to 80 community anchor institutions. More than 886,000 people living in 315,000 households will have access to these high-capacity broadband services including more than 74,000 small and medium businesses in Minnesota.

Construction is scheduled to be completed by Enventis, a leading network integrator and provider of high-capacity fiber and data services in the Midwest, in three years.

New construction includes two fiber builds: Minneapolis and St. Paul to Duluth/Superior, and Brainerd to Fargo/Moorhead. The network will be extended to provide middle-mile fiber laterals to serve partner sites.

At the groundbreaking ceremony next Thursday in Duluth participants will have the opportunity to see fiber boring across the Bay.