Jaideep Srivastava

Purchasing patterns

A Dec. 11 talk will reveal emerging trends in social e-commerce

Are online shoppers influenced by the purchases of their social media friends? A recent U of M study showed that average users were 50 percent more likely to buy a subscription to a service such as Last.fm when an online friend was a paid subscriber. Want to delve into this phenomenon? Attend a free talk presented by a U of M research initiative called the Social Media and Business Analytics Collaborative. Together with industry partners and professors from a variety of disciplines, it conducts research "to help people, businesses, and society thrive in a data-rich, socially networked world." Jaideep Srivastava, a noted expert and computer science professor, will discuss emerging trends during a talk entitled "What's Around the Corner in Social E-commerce?" Hint: the answer could affect your bottom line. The talk will take place on the morning of Dec. 11 at the University of Minnesota. Learn more at sobaco.umn.edu.