The (Real) Power 50 Interviews: Cathy Paper

The president of consulting firm RockPaperStar shares her approach to networking and her secrets behind attracting repeat customers

By Nora Poole
Wednesday, January 21, 2015

In the May 2014 issue of Minnesota Business magazine, we introduced The (Real) Power 50 of 2014 — linchpins in their companies, connectors in their industry, and some of the best people to know when conducting business in the state. (Stay tuned for the RP50 of 2015, coming soon!) Below, we hear from Cathy Paper, president of the business consulting firm RockPaperStar, which specializes in delivering bestselling book launches for authors, speakers, and business leaders.

Who is your role model and what key lesson did you learn from them?
My parents. Relationships are everything and your reputation is what makes you successful in life and business.
Pets in the office: love it or hate it?
Love it! I prefer dogs.
Describe your approach to networking.
Meeting people through existing relationships is the best way to network when possible. Always bring someone else with you to a networking event and introduce them around. Networking must be genuine and you must both have something to offer the other person. If possible, sharing a common interest like sports, books, or an association is a great way to get to know someone. Always volunteer to be on committees to get to know people.
What are your strategies for attracting repeat clients and establishing ongoing business?
Do a top-shelf job and you will get repeat business. Ask for feedback. Say you're sorry when you make a mistake. Help other people in your network succeed.
Why Minnesota?
For its 10,000 lakes and its high concentration of arts, restaurants, and Fortune 500 companies.