No industry survived the rise of the Internet unscathed, but few have been more dramatically — and fundamentally — affected than retail. Read More
Carter Averbeck has been interested in refurbishing old furniture ever since he can remember. “My mother hit the brakes for every garage sale and we were always going to auctions,” says Averbeck. “We wanted to have a home that looked like architectural digest, we just didn’t have the money for it, and this is how we did it.” Read More

Photo courtesy of Faribault Woolen Mill.

Opening in 1865 (the same year the Civil War ended) Faribault Woolen Mill quickly became the world’s leading manufacturer of blankets — at one point making half of all wool blankets in America. Read More

The National Retail Federation recently recognized Roberta Bonoff of Creative Kidstuff and Lonnie McQuirter of Lonvigson’s Service Center in Minneapolis as “America’s Retail Champions.” They received this recognition due to their advocacy and engagement in the retail industry. Read More
NerdWallet rated Minneapolis the fourth best city for young entrepreneurs, but let’s not forget its suburbs. Read More
“I had a love for the rediscovery of American manufacturing and all that it means for the people who are making these items and the consumers’ feelings of buying something of quality that has personal resonance,” says John Mooty, founder of Wilson & Willy’s, a North Loop neighborhood store that opened in January. Read More
Clunky cash registers are fading into memory. Today’s savvy retailer is more likely to plunk down for sleek, portable cash drawers with integrated wireless transaction systems, such as the NetPRO cash drawers made in Fridley by APG Cash Drawer. Read More

Joe Pine

As the culture changes, so too does consumer behavior — and so must retailers. On Oct. 30 the University of Minnesota will present writer and business consultant B. Joseph Pine II, who will reveal what today’s consumers really want. Read More

Open for business: The Fashion Mobile

Ever think about starting your own food truck? Now you can ponder other truck-based businesses, too. In May, the St. Read More