Herb Zein (left) and Paul Wright at LiquidCool Solutions

Rochester: LiquidCool Solutions

With the patented Liquid Blade immersion cooling system, LiquidCool Solutions expects a bright future in Rochester

By Dan Emerson

Editor's note: This article is part of the Local Focus: Rochester feature that appeared in the May 2013 issue

The company originally known as Hardcore Computer has rebranded itself as LiquidCool Solutions to focus on licensing its liquid cooling technologies for servers and high-performance computing. Originally a manufacturer of PCs, workstations, and servers, LiquidCool has developed a lucrative niche in the data center sector, based on its patented Liquid Blade immersion cooling system.

The company plans to license its technology and intellectual property to server makers, and eventually branch out into other markets, according to CEO Herb Zein, who is part of a Milwaukee-based angel investor group that made a major investment in Hardcore.

Zein was formerly founder/operator of Thermal Source, which became the largest owner-operator of district energy systems in the U.S.; he sold the firm several years ago. He expects a bright future for LiquidCool, built on proprietary technology the company says can save data center operators up to 40 percent in energy costs compared to air-cooling methods.