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Back in 1909, on the corner of Lake Street and Hennepin Avenue, Albert Abdallah knew he had the perfect recipe. A Lebanese native and newcomer to the country, he knew he would have to create a product with the highest quality to guarantee success. Read More
The owner and president of Vistabule, Bert Taylor, loved old-fashioned trailers, and after a friend told him to Google “teardrop trailers,” he found his calling. Taylor calls the traditional teardrop trailer “small, claustrophobic coffins.” So he set out to create one that was welcoming, the type of space people would want to live in. Read More
The Finnish Bistro, a popular neighborhood gathering spot in St. Anthony Park, is entering the new year showing off a fresh look, expanded seating and new services. Read More

If there was any doubt that there is a deep hunger among professionals of color for opportunities to connect, just check the attendance for the upcoming MSP Mingle. Read More
A group of four dozen Minnesota food startups and artisan producers are banding together to create excitement and promote sales for this year’s Small Business Saturday. Read More

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It’s still 14 months until kickoff at Super Bowl LII at US Bank Stadium in downtown Minneapolis, but diverse small businesses that want to provide goods and services for the once-in-a-lifetime event need to start getting in line for consideration as contractors and suppliers for the many activities and events surrounding the event. Read More
Is there really room for another burger joint? The results are in and the answer is yes! Luke Shimp of Red Cow Restaurants figured there were plenty of neighborhood burger joints – especially the kind where the burger and fries come in a basket. Read More
Do you have an interesting lobby in your office? A conference room with a view? Or do you run a hardware store, a barber shop, an assembly plant or a hip ad agency?
The Minnesota Film and TV Board would like to take a look, and it might land your space on the big — or little — screen.
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Margaret [L] and Mary Tjosvold

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, only about half of all new businesses survive five years, and just one-third make it to the ten year mark.
So a family business that is still thriving after 40 years has beaten long odds.
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Qualified small businesses will have a broader opportunity to compete for contracts with the City of Minneapolis, thanks to a new program that will launch on January 1, 2017. Read More