Starkey Hearing Technologies reveals new hearing aid

Starkey Hearing introduces Livio AI

New hearing aid promotes overall health and wellness

On a humid and cloudy Monday morning, employees were gathered in the parking lot at Starkey Hearing Technologies headquarters. From atop a temporary stage, Dr. Achin Bhowmik, the company's chief technology officer, was detailing the in and outs of the business' newest technology. Frequently interrupted by cheers and rounds of applause from the crowd decked out in matching t-shirts, the energy in the area was palpable. By the time the conference ended, onlookers had been introduced to the newest product from Starkey: Livio AI

Utilizing integrated sensors and artificial intelligence, Starkey's latest product is the first to track physical activity and cognitive health alongside enhancing hearing.

Incorporating factors beyond hearing health was important to president Brandon Sawalich: "We have transformed a single-use device into the world's first multi-purpose hearing aid, a Healthable™ with artificial intelligence. Livio AI is so much more than just a hearing aid, it is a gateway to better health and wellness," he said in a statement.

The new aid improves hearing in addition to promoting a healthy lifestyle by seamlessly adapting to user's already existing technologies like Amazon Alexa, Apple Health and Google Fit. 

"I have dreamed about this for so long, and we are finally realizing this vision thanks to our incredible team," said Starkey CEO Bill Austin. "My vision has always been to help people live better. By giving them better technology, we will help them live longer, healthier, happier lives."