Image courtesy of Metro Mold & Design.

Successfully "Making the Impossible"

Metro Mold & Design launches new program to help OEMs who are trying to produce a design that seems unproducable

By Grace Bymark
Tuesday, October 27, 2015

In a recent release, posted on their website, Metro Mold & Design announced the launch of a new program: "Making the Impossible." The program was built to fill a gap within the manufacturing market, aiming to offer solutions to OEMs facing the struggle to produce a seemingly unproducable design. Molding parts since 1973, this Minneapolis-based manufacturer has not only proven itself to be a trustworthy company in building their own products, but they are recognized for assisting several separate customers in making that part that seemed impossible to make  the "impossible part." 

This new program was developed with a dilemma in mind, the kind of dilemma in which OEMs hope never to find themselves. According to Greg Heinemann in the release, "Today’s OEM’s are banking on the design or redesign of products to accomplish big business goals. On rare occasions they need a highly creative and atypical manufacturing solution that their current supply base just simply can’t produce. This is where Metro Mold really excels."

At Metro Mold, the manufacturing problem-solving team charges at the hopeless obstacles head-on with exceptional force and determination, never leaving the vision of their customer to the wayside. In the release, Heinemann explains that each problem is approached from all directions, notwithstanding the more radical boundaries that may keep success at bay. "We recognize the importance of the business objectives our customers are after."

Its desire to provide a service that is not only guided by the goals of the customer, but that also achieves success with an efficiency that is above par, comes from the dedication of Metro Mold’s spirited team. “Our team members bring a truly unique mix of perspectives and competencies that drive us to look beyond the typical solution to find the right solution for our customer,” Heinemann says in the release last Thursday. Metro Mold itself offers a wide range of perspectives, unafraid to consider even the more radical possibilities, driving new solutions  and innovative technology to bring the impossible passed possible and into successful reality.

To learn more about the program, click here.