When Don Kveton founded Village Bank in 1993, he did so with a vision of approaching banking differently — with approaching customers differently. He recalled an incident when he was young and a “man in a suit” threatened his father, a farmer, with foreclosure after decades of droughts wrecked havoc on the family farm. Read More
Prepare+ Prosper helps underserved individuals save
Twin Cities-based nonprofit Prepare + Prosper has joined forces with Sunrise Banks to launch the pilot phase of its three-part FAIR (Financial Access in Reach) Financial Solution. Read More
Digitalization is a game changer. Across all industries, it’s shifting the way business is done — for better or for worse. However, it can be a challenge to keep up with the multitude of technological advances, from the cloud to new apps and online processes. Read More

When you wake up in the morning, you probably don’t think about where your water was disposed of after you brushed your teeth, the aftermath of your trash after you set it out for pickup, or who takes care of the roads you drove on during your commute to work. Read More
Selling your company — or buying someone else’s — can be a tried-and-true way to increase value and build wealth, and it’s never been more true than today. The combo platter that features low interest rates, the availability of debt capital and a strong stock market has whetted the global appetite for mergers and acquisitions. Read More
Congratulations! You survived medical school. You’re nearing the end of your residency or fellowship. Sure, you’re saddled with crushing student debt — the average medical student graduates $180,000 in the red, according to the American Association of Medical Colleges — but your skills are valuable. Read More
Sitting in coach on a flight to Austin, Texas, for his grandmother’s birthday, Robbie Harrell didn’t have much leg room.
The guy squeezed in next to him was big.
“I mean, really big,” says Harrell, 25. “Like, out of the movie ‘The 300,’ big.”
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From the North Star State’s days as a frostbitten frontier territory through the heady Minnesota Miracle years, our banking industry was a bastion of male privilege. That’s no longer entirely the case, though change indisputably comes slowly in this most risk-averse vocation. These four women banking leaders each broke the mold in their own way — and three are still breaking it. Read More
In banking, numbers tell the story. If so, these numbers have the making of a tragedy: In 2000 there were 513 community banks in Minnesota. Now we have 332, a drop of 35% in just 15 years. What’s going on?  There are two factors at play according to Joe Witt, president of the Minnesota Bankers Association. Read More