Congratulations! You survived medical school. You’re nearing the end of your residency or fellowship. Sure, you’re saddled with crushing student debt — the average medical student graduates $180,000 in the red, according to the American Association of Medical Colleges — but your skills are valuable. Read More

ADC Executive Director Nasibu Sareva visits a client business, Midwest Auto Repair

The American Dream of owning a business is alive among those at the lowest income levels and among the newest immigrants to Minnesota. However, these aspiring entrepreneurs often lack the credit histories or collateral required by banks. Fortunately, two Minneapolis nonprofits are serving this need through microfinancing. Read More
How might we be faring as a nation, if in response to the 2008 financial crisis our government had bailed out the people instead of the banks? That’s what happened in ancient Mesopotamia, the land that is now Iraq. States periodically ordered all non-commercial debts annulled. Read More

Medical schools don’t exactly give out degrees like candy. To become a board certified physician licensed to practice in Minnesota (or any other state), you need to slog through four years of science-heavy undergrad, four years of med school, and at least three years of residency. Read More

The Hidrate team.

Entrepreneurs know that securing adequate business financing isn’t as simple as walking into Wells Fargo and asking for an unsecured loan. (Want a laugh? Try it sometime.) Read More

Craig Volk, wealth management adivsor at Northwestern Mutual

You know the old bromide — failing to plan is planning to fail. That includes even brilliant business people who may be so busy making money that they don’t manage it properly. Read More
Ryan Broshar wants to light a fire under entrepreneurs looking for tech startup funding. The founder of Minneapolis-based venture capital firm Matchstick Ventures (formerly Confluence Capital) would like to put the Twin Cities on the map as the “startup capital of the North.” Read More
The Gopher Angels are a Minnesota-based network of over 60 investors who seek to invest their capital and expertise from a life in the industry, into early-stage businesses. Since their founding in 2012, investors in the group have sunk more than $6 million into 21 promising startup companies. Read More

Photo courtesy of MNvest.

In our April issue, we took a look at a proposal for equity crowdfunding legislation called MNvest, that at the time, had not yet been passed. That changed this week, when MNvest was signed into law. Read More