Jennifer Zick
Those of us who lived through the dot-bomb and 2008 recessions will not soon forget the impact on our businesses, communities and families. Yet, when times are good, it's easy to operate as though growth and prosperity will always be in front of us. Wise business leaders know that - like squirrels hiding away nuts for the winter - it’s always a good idea to plan for leaner times, even while harvesting bumper crops. Read More
MacKenzie Weldon, VP, Commercial Sales at Cambria
True Talent Group hosted their annual Marketing + Creative Leaders Summit with keynote speaker MacKenzie Weldon, VP, Commercial Sales at Cambria and a series of panels covering digital marketing to hiring and retaining top talent. A key theme that arose from the event centered around the human connection. Read More
"Alexa, How Do I Keep Up with Technology?"
Although it sounds more like home-care services for the aged, the age of assistance refers to digital assistants, such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri. And yes, you should be concerned. Read More

Yesterday, was the debut Marketers’ Community event curated by Laura King. The event sold out in two days and had a long waiting list, signaling that the marketing community is looking for alternative ways to learn and network.  Read More
The True Talent Marketing + Creative Leaders Summit is designed to create a local conversation for marketing and creatives alike. This year’s conversation will target the unique challenges marketers face as they aim to address the growing sophistication and change within their industry and respective areas of discipline. Read More
Five tips for getting published from the cofounders of Wise Ink Creative Publishing. Read More
While no product or service can be a good fit niche products have an even narrower market than most. Marketing a niche product starts with creating a marketing plan that’s in step with your business plan.  Read More
What started as a simple rebranding effort turned into a long-term relationship. Since refreshing the website in 2015, Rocket55 has helped Casa de Corazón build a strong online presence—from its website to its social media channels—with much success. Read More