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Open for business: Jaequan’s Old Fashioned Hot Dogs
June 16, 2018 — In 2016, Jaequan Faulkner, who is now 13, started selling hot dogs in front of his Penn Avenue home. He’s always been popular with customers in the Willard-Hay neighborhood but there was one catch: his stand was not officially permitted.  Read More
In our CEO roundtable groups, we often discuss why leaders aren’t making progress toward their goals — and this question comes up. Getting to the why of a business goal seems simple, but the distractions of sales and production and employees can bury this message. There is no point in a business if no one wants what you’re selling. Read More
In the summer of 2014, young entrepreneurs John Mulvahill, Sevy Gondeck and Simon Gondeck began their own web design and development company, MG Web Partners. The three young men are still in school at the University of St. Read More

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Too often, a ‘millennial’ conjures the mental picture of job-hopping, “selfies,” lurking around coffee shops, catching an Uber and pulling off giant headphones long enough to stare at us like we’re dinosaurs. Read More
Studio/E member Irene Fernando is a force to be reckoned with. She has packed into her three decades more than many do in a lifetime — and she has only just begun. Read More
Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started building what would become Apple in a small garage in southern California. Founders of Nike, Bill Bowerman and Philip Knight, didn’t even have a garage — they sold shoes from the trunk of their car. The situation was similar for Robbie Harrell and Stu Lombardo. Read More
Having grown up on a small farm, Jeff Block understands the relationship between farmers and their livestock. “Farmers spend so much time caring for the animals that they become like family,” says Block, the founder of Meat Healthy, a delivery service that provides ethically raised meats. Read More
We are proud to present the second annual group of Young Entrepreneurs, people 35 and under who have founded or cofounded a business. It is tempting to refer to these young people as emerging leaders, but the fact is that some of them have already become clear-cut leaders in their own right. Read More

Damola Ogundipe (left), Jasmine Russell (center) and Mondo Davison (right). Photo by Tate Carlson

Mondo Davison is taking The Big Step.
After months of planning, the young man who calls himself “The Black Tech Guy” is resigning his day job to pursue his fledgling tech startup full time.
“I call it a leap of calculated faith,” says Davison, 31, who has put in seven years as a project coordinator with St. Paul public schools. “It’s time to give this my all.”
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