University ROI

Ranking universities across the nation, and within Minnesota, by return on investment

By Tom Johnson

College is an investment. So what's the return on that investment? A recent study by Affordable Colleges Online, a national compendium of college tuition and costs, provides some insights. The study ranks universities by their ability to boost a graduate's lifetime income. That boost is calculated as income earned over a standard 30-year career above that of someone with a high-school degree, minus the cost of a degree  tuition, housing, and fees  and discounted back to today's dollars. The study does not separate types of degrees, but it does give an idea of the financial performance of each university, from a student's perspective. "While the ROI methodology is not a perfect measure of the value of a degree, it does strongly suggest that a college education is still a very wise investment from many institutions," says Dan Schuessler, founder of Affordable Colleges Online. Below, the top five ROI performers in Minnesota.

1. Saint John's University: $860,800
2. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities: $825,900
3. Carleton College: $774,600
4. University of St. Thomas: $753,700
5. Macalester College: $672,500

Find the full report here.