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Water, Water Everywhere and This One’s Got a Kick

A watered-down cup of Joe offers an alternative to energy drinks

Health experts agree: Drinking plenty of water is good for you. Coffee, not so much. But a glass of water in the morning — or when you start to drag midday — doesn’t have the same energy punch as a cup of Joe or a can of soda. Until now, that is. Minneapolis-based Premium Waters — producers of brands such as Glenwood Drinking Water, Chippewa Spring Water, Nature’s Crystal and Glacier Clear — has introduced its newest product line, Water Joe, purified water infused with caffeine. The water has no artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, sugar, sodium or calories. It’s also tasteless, vegan, and carb- and gluten-free. 

A 700 mL bottle of Water Joe has 85 mg of caffeine — the equivalent of a small cup of coffee or a 20-ounce soft drink. The product also comes in a 20-ounce size with 70 mg of caffeine or a one-liter option with 120 mg of caffeine per bottle. For chemistry nerds, the water’s molecular structure is H2O + C9H10N4O2.

“Water Joe is a great alternative for anyone looking to replace expensive energy drinks, cut down their sugar intake in beverages or live a healthier lifestyle,” says J.D. Seger, brand manager of Water Joe. 

Want to know if your neighborhood grocery store carries Water Joe? Just visit and type in your ZIP code. 


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