2018 100 Best Companies to Work For

Entering the workforce? Polishing up your resume? Wanting to network with professionals who know the keys to success?  We recommend you start with our annual list of “100 Best Companies to Work For.”

Each year, the companies are chosen based solely on employee survey scores. Here's our 2018 list, featuring real employee feedback. 

* Denotes companies that have been on the “100 Best Companies to Work For” list for all seven years.

**Denotes companies that received a perfect score of 10 in one or more survey categories and all of their related questions. 



Aeritae Consulting Group


AK Material Handling Systems*

All In One Accounting

 Ambrion: Collaboration** 

“This is one of the best recruiting teams we have  had! Everyone works extremely collaboratively, and, in fact, most of the deals we do are shared between two recruiters. It has really fostered a culture where everyone feels empowered to succeed!”



Art Unlimited


Beehive Strategic Communication

Bellmont Partners

brightpeak financial



 Carlson Capital Management: Cooperative Spirit

“Shortly after I began working here, the Cannon River flooded and was threatening the physical safety of our office. I remember being blown away when all colleagues (regardless of tenure or job description) jumped in to protect the building from the water. Little direction was needed. Most colleagues just instinctively knew what needed to be done and got it done!”

 Central Minnesota Credit Union: Community Involvement

“Our company offers 16 hours of PTO (In addition to our normal PTO) every year specifically to take time off from work to volunteer within the community. CMCU encourages and has many programs throughout the year that benefit our members and communities we serve.” 





Coherent Solutions

Creative Homes, Inc.


DAYTA Marketing

Direct Benefits, Inc.

Discover Strength

Fafinski Mark & Johnson

Fathom Consulting

Fazendin Realtors


FRSecure LLC

Fusion Hill

Global Tax Network US, LLC

Goff Public*

 Greene Espel:  Inclusivity

"Greene Espel was built on being different. There are no associates. Every attorney has an equal vote on every issue — from the most senior to the most junior. This system allows everyone to be personally invested. It trickles down to non-attorneys. The best ideas are rewarded, not the most senior.”


Gruen Agency

Guardian Property Management

Harbinger Partners*


ILM Professional Services

Imagine IT

Improving - Twin Cities

 Innovative Office Solutions: Customer Experience*

“My favorite story encompasses our brand promise. A woman stopped our driver and asked ‘How can I become a customer?’ The driver called into customer service, gave us all of the woman’s information, our account coordinator built a username and password under her account and sent her a welcome email within 10 minutes. I watched her account, and she placed an order that day, so I sent her a welcome gift with her first order and called the next day to make sure she was satisfied. … She was amazed on how simple the process was. I love that we all work together to provide an experience, not just a service.”  


IntrinXec Management, Inc.


Irish Titan: Onboarding 

“Every year for St. Patrick’s Day, we give the new employees hired over the last year a budget and the ability to plan the day’s festivities as they see fit. We’ve had an in-flatable obstacle course, a bagpiper, and an all-day game MC’d by one of our employees hired over the last year a budget and the ability to plan the day’s festivities as they see fit. We’ve had an inflatable obstacle course, a bagpiper, and an all day game MC’d by one of our employ-ees with about 12 events. Every year it’s a surprise, and every year it’s fantastic.”

Isthmus Engineering, Inc.


 KNOCK, inc.: Most Unique Benefit

When Lili Hall, founder of Knock, Inc., lost her mother a few years ago, she discovered that her mother’s estate was in disarray, adding to the stress of losing a loved one. Determined to make sure employees would be better prepared in a similar situation, Hall worked with the company’s legal firm, Maslon LLP, to create a program that offers her employees the three pillars of estate planning: the will, health care directive and power of attorney. Together, Knock and Maslon created the EP2 program to guide employees through the process of proper estate planning. 

Konik Primestaff

Learn to Live, Inc.

 Leighton Interactive: Setting up for Success 

“Leighton Interactive recognizes that good employees may be doing a bad job because they’re in the wrong seat. Instead of firing them, the company will work to find them a better-fitting position where they can excel.” 


Little & Company


 Lurie, LLP: Mentoring

“In my nearly 15-year career, I have never had better mentors and champions for my advancement 
than I get at Lurie... Our firm truly treats women equally and has amazing female leadership.”


Maccabee Public Relations


Maguire Agency Inc.

 Marcus Construction Co., Inc.: Family Atmosphere 

“I relocated to the area after having worked here for about a month. During that month, several people asked me if I would need help moving and ultimately on the day I moved, a couple people found out about the day and took it upon themselves to round up about eight people from all areas throughout the company to help us move into our new house. It was a great example of the team and family atmosphere that exists at Marcus.”

Martha O'Hara Interiors, Inc.

Media Minefield

 MediaBeacon: Innovative Recruiting

“When we find good talent we find a place for them on the team. At one of our frequent happy hour hangouts, the bartender happened to be a mathematician who liked to work with technology. So, we recruited him into the organization. He is now one of our best customer-support engineers.”  

MG McGrath, Inc.

Modern Promos


Mytech Partners, Inc.


Optimize Social Media Inc.

Plaudit Design

Pomerleau Team


 Prevolv, Inc.: Camraderie

“Prevolv is the best company I’ve ever worked for. We have a company event every month, and snacks and beverages are also available. We also have a nap room if you’re tired or need a moment to relax. We can also bring our dog in every day if we want to or have a Ping Pong or darts tournament.” 

Rank Crankers

Rapid Packaging

 Relationship One: Work/Life Balance

“I believe Relationship One is the first company that I’ve worked for where you don’t receive emails past 5:30 p.m. They strongly encourage work/life balance which is very much appreciated across the company.”


Reliable Plus Car Wash Services, Inc.

Reve Consulting

SafetyCall International


SJF Material Handling Inc.

Skywater Search Partners

Snap Install, Inc.

Sperides Reiners Architects

Springboard for the Arts

Stoneridge Software

Summit Information Resources

The Stable**

 Three Deep Marketing: Spirit of Fun 

“For the last five years, Three Deep participates in a Whirly Ball tournament, and I’d say about 98% of the employees participate! It’s awesome to see the competitive spirit, seeing employees in a comfortable element and throwing friendly chirps at one another the whole day. I think it’s a day everyone looks forward to the whole year!”


 TitleSmart, Inc.: Supportive Environment

“One of our coworkers’ house had burned to the ground; she lost everything, including her pets. Our whole company stepped up right away, by starting a Gofundme page and giving her clothes and things she needed. The thing that inspired me and warmed my heart was when our president, Cindy Koebele, took our coworker and her son out for a day of shopping and a big lunch. I have never worked for a place that cares more about their employees than TitleSmart.” 

 Truck Writers, Inc: Team-Building 

“One of the great things about working for Truck Writers is the variety of social and team-building activities. In my less than two years here, we have gone bowling, learned to curl (yes, I mean the Olympic sport), had costume contests, gone to a Twins game, packed food at Feed My Starving Children, gone on a shopping spree for Christmas toys to donate, walked to raise money to cure ALS, and screened a documentary at the Minnesota Historical Society (to name a few activities).”

 True Talent Group: Positive Work Environment

“One day I picked up the phone and a company staff member asked exactly what kind of cake I wanted to be delivered to my work location for my birthday — what kind of cake, what kind of frosting, etc. What an attentive, fun company to work for!”


Transport America

Twelve Consulting Group

Unimax Systems Corporation

UrbanWorks Architecture LLC

Overall Scores

Best in Class, Small Company: SuperClean Brands**

What they say: SuperClean isn’t a company, it’s a family. The company goes out of its way to make sure we not only hire the best people for each role, but we do everything we can to treat them like adults.

What we say: SuperClean Brands has made the 100 Best list multiple times, and this year, it earned perfect 10s across the performance recognition and leadership categories. In the words of one of its employees: “Honestly, it’s just a great place to work. The management really cares about the employees and ‘sweats the small stuff’ to try to make us all successful. (Even though they don’t serve beer daily. They really should, though.)” We at Minnesota Business magazine think you’ve earned the right to celebrate your win by cracking open a cold one — have one for us. 

Best in Class, Midsize Company: Redpath and Company

What they say: Redpath invests time and energy to address employee engagement, helping ensure that job satisfaction remains 
a priority. Employees embrace the firm’s core values of being caring, committed, continuously improving, confident and connected — and those core values are reinforced from the top down. The result is a unique, positive and engaging culture.

What we say: One of the recurring comments from survey respondents was that the Redpath leadership truly cares about their employees. One noted that at times, the company has sacrificed profits to help a team member through a personal loss or hardship, adding, that “It says a lot about the culture and the caring core value.” We wholeheartedly agree. 

Best in Class, Large Company: Stearns Bank

What they say: Stearns Bank employees rely on frequent, open communication. Caring for others in our work environment and community is a common thread throughout the company. A stellar benefits package giving employees ownership in the company, encouraging self-improvement, family care and volunteering showcases the importance  of employees within the Stearns Bank family.

What we say: We recognize that it is harder for larger companies to compete with smaller companies in our “100 Best Companies to Work For” simply because there are more individuals to survey, making it likely that you may have more dissatisfied employees in the mix. But Stearns Bank had a remarkable number of employees responding to the survey who wanted us to know just how much they loved working for the company. One noted, “Since I started working here, there are several days I just laugh on my drive home. I laugh because I cannot believe I work for such a great company that truly cares about me.” That brings new meaning to the phrase, “laughing all the way to [from?] the bank.” 

Best Overall: Dr. Jennifer Eisenhuth Orthodontics 

What they say: Our modern orthodontic office truly loves making people smile. Our team is passionate about helping improve our patients’ lives through transforming their smiles into something even more incredible. We feel fortunate to work in this industry, and our environment is exceptionally engaging and fun. We are a group of supportive friends who love what we do, and it shows!

What we say: After learning they were included in the 2018 100 Best list, Dr. Eisenhuth and her team created an entertaining video of them celebrating the honor which they posted on social media. It was clear that the top scores were well-deserved, and that her employees truly love working with each other.