'Amazon Law' in effect

Minnesota retailers rejoice as online giant Amazon is finally hit by state sales tax, too

As of July 1, Minnesota requires major online sites like Amazon to collect the state's 6.875 percent sales tax. The tax isn't new, just newly enforced. Technically, shoppers were supposed to report and pay the sales tax on their own for online purchases, but who does that sort of thing? Now, online shoppers won't have a choice. Of course, brickand- mortar retailers such as Target and Best Buy are shedding no tears for Amazon and its ilk. They've complained for years about having to pay the tax while online rivals didn't. The Minnesota Retailers Association championed what it called the "e-fairness" provision, which was part of the tax bill signed into state law in May. The association had other victories to celebrate in May, as well. Among them: a proposal to expand the sales tax to clothing did not pass.