Appetite for Change given federal grant to help develop food solutions for Minneapolis

Appetitie for Change hopes to use the grant to decrease food insecurity

By TreVonte James
Thursday, October 22, 2015

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently awarded North Minneapolis-based nonprofit organization Appetite for Change with a federal grant of $374,000. With this newly acquired monetary reward, Appetite for Change plans to work on more ways to decrease food insecurity in northern Minneapolis (which is known to be suffering the most from this problem). Appetite for Change already has a project in the works. Collaborating with the likes of the West Broadway Business and Area Coalition as well as the Northside Economic Opportunity Network, Appetite for Change plans to revamp the Northside Fresh Coalition.

The Northside Fresh Coalition (originally conceived be the Northpoint Health and Wellness Center) is an initiative made in 2008 to help improve access to healthier food options in North Minneapolis. With this latest grant, Appetite for Change plans to breathe new life into this program. “These funds will help us make an even greater impact in North Minneapolis, where access to healthy food has been a challenge,” said Appetite for Change co-founder Michelle Horovitz in a statement. “We look forward to creating long term solutions that will help meet the needs of the residents here.”

The National Institute for Agriculture (NIFA) has also taken notice of Appetite for Change’s plans and is 100% behind their idea to help the people. “These projects allow communities with traditionally limited access to food systems to implement local and community-oriented solutions,” said Sonny Ramaswamy, NIFA director, in a statement. “Improved food systems in these communities have positive impacts on sustainability, health, economics, and security for both consumers and producers.”