Apply now for the 2016 Tekne Awards

The 17th annual awards by the Minnesota High Tech Association cover a broad range of categories and winners will be celebrated at a November 16 event

By Brian Martucci
Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Earlier this month, Minnesota High Tech Association put out an open call for applications for the 2016 Tekne Awards, set for November 16 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

Applications for this year’s show — the 17th annual — must be received by July 15. They’ll be reviewed and ranked by subject matter experts in the second half of the summer, and a formal finalist announcement will follow sometime in September.

In announcing the call for applications, MHTA president and CEO Margaret Anderson Kelliher noted that last year’s applicant pool was the largest to date, “and we would be love to set a record again this year.”

Per an MHTA release, the Tekne Awards categories are:

  • ADVANCED MANUFACTURING: “Honors innovation in the manufacturing process to increase speed and accuracy while reducing costs and minimizing environmental impact.” N.B.: Minnesota Business just put out a call for nominations for our annual Manufacturing Awards.
  • AGRICULTURE & FOOD SAFETY: “Honors technological advances in agricultural operations that enhance productivity and efficiency, improve environmental sustainability or contribute to food safety.
  • APPLIED ANALYTICS: “Honors innovative applications for turning data driven insights into improved business processes or outcomes.”
  • COLLABORATION FOR COMMUNITY IMPACT: “Recognizes a collaboration or partnership that demonstrates leadership, dedication and excellence in delivering an innovation to Minnesota while meeting an unmet community need.” At least two parties must participate, the application must be submitted jointly, and the category is open to for-profits and non-profits alike.
  • CYBER SECURITY: “Recognizes innovative products or services that secure networks, computers, or systems from unintended or unauthorized access,” e.g. identity management, authentication/verification, and disaster recovery.
  • EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY: “Honors innovations that measurably improve student learning and academic performance in the classroom.”
  • ENERGY and CLEAN TECH: “Honors innovations that enhance efficiency of energy usage or delivery, reduce environmental impact, and encourage energy conservation.”
  • HEALTHCARE (Established Companies and Small & Growing Companies): “Honors innovative development or deployment of medical devices, diagnostics or equipment, data management, communication systems integration, disease treatment, or pharmaceuticals that measurably improves patient care delivery, reduces recovery times, or improves patient health.”
  • IT SERVICES: “Recognizes the contributions of technology service providers whose creative approaches to business solutions streamline client processes, reduce customer costs, shorten time to market, and/or increase service capacity or customer access through technology.”
  • INTERNET OF THINGS: “Honors the development of Internet of Things [IOT] solutions that add increased efficiency or enhanced value to clients or customers.”
  • SOFTWARE (Established Companies and Small & Growing Companies): “Honors innovation in software development or applications that enhance productivity and efficiency for business or consumer use.”
  • START UP: “Honors an early-stage Minnesota technology company with commercialized products that demonstrates significant potential, creativity and a promising future.” Candidates must be less than three years old, have 30 or fewer employees, and generate revenue.
  • WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT: “Honors innovative approaches to training workers in transition or youth with technology skills and successfully matching them to jobs that meet the needs of Minnesota companies.”