Clinical trial underway for Minnesota medtech startup

The study will help prove that Aum Cardiovascular’s device can detect coronary artery disease just as well as a stress test

When Northfield-based Aum Cardiovascular won the 2011 Minnesota Cup, Dr. Marie Johnson, CEO, said that she was grateful, but also determined to get her product on the market.

That product, called Cadence, is a non-invasive device that is used to detect blockages in the blood vessels that surround the heart. Today, Aum is one step closer to saving lives with the device. According to the Star Tribune, Aum's first clinical study is underway with 729 patients at 15 trial centers across the United States. The study should be complete in February, and pending FDA Approval, could put Cadence on the market in 2014.

"Our primary goal is to get our device on the market and save lives," Johnson told Minnesota Business in 2011. "That is my singular pursuit: I want to reduce the number of widows and little kids that don't have their dads."