Canvasback’s liners protect auto interiors

From dogs to Minnesota weather, Canvasback has your car covered

By Laurel Streed

In Minnesota, changing weather and outdoor equipment can wreak havoc on the inside of your car. Spring Park-based Canvasback creates custom interior car protection products. “The majority of the customers are active people who throw things into the back of their cars,” Brooks Chandler, Canvasback’s owner, says, “and want to be able to keep the car clean and protected.”

Dog owners make up a large part of their client base, as the liners do a wonderful job of protecting the car from muddy, furry friends. The liners also help preserve the life of your car to help with a higher resale value.

Canvasback uses waterproof fabrics instead of plastic or rubber. The liners are made specifically for different makes and models of SUVs, crossovers, wagons and trucks. “The liners are not universal, so each pattern is contoured to fit that specific vehicle.” A Velcro hook is sewn under the liners, which grabs the carpet to stay in place. Seat backs are covered as well, so when the seats are down you get a large, protected cargo area.

“We try and work closely with our customers,” Chandler says. “If there is something special that a customer would like done, we will often work with them on custom orders.”

In addition to the car liners, Canvasback has also come up with an accessory line of duffle bags, bumper flaps that protect the outside of the car, dog food bowls and toy fabric bones.

Their chief marketing officer, Chester the black lab, also approves.