GlideWear fabric is a game-changer for children with rare skin disease
Minnesota-based Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, Inc. is launching a clothing line specifically designed for children with epidermolysis bullosa (EB), a painful, rare disease where any amount of friction causes the skin to blister and slough off. Read More
Maple Grove apparel company, Hands & Feet, is working to end childhood hunger
One in six children in Minnesota is hungry. Nationally, the number totals 13 million. Childhood hunger is a dilemma of such gravitas that sometimes it can feel like we can’t make a difference. But Studio/E member Eric Elwer has hopes as big as the dilemma itself. Read More
Molly Fuller designs functional clothing for kids with autism
From a young age, Molly Fuller was a witness to her grandfather's struggle to get dressed in a wheelchair. Her experiences led to her to create Molly Fuller Design to create clothes that function. Read More

For some designers, less is more. The exact opposite is true of Mode-sty, a fashion company that sells women’s clothing with a focus on modesty — high necklines, low hemlines and sleeves — rare in mainstream modern styles. Read More