JL Buchanan uses its corporate bike fleet to show off Minneapolis to clients. Photo courtesy of Handsome Cycles.

Corporate bicycle fleets? One Minnesota company is making it happen

Handsome Cycles offers branded bike fleets to companies looking to build community and culture

By Brian Martucci
Thursday, August 18, 2016

Minneapolis-based Handsome Cycles has a well-deserved reputation for crafting durable, aesthetically pleasing cruisers and road bikes. Its retro fenders and bespoke accessories aren’t half bad either. For ladies and gentlemen about town (read: hipsters), there’s no better bike manufacturer in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Now, Handsome is bringing its bikes to a wider — and, statistically speaking, less hip audience. The company just announced a first-of-its-kind (in Minnesota) corporate bike fleet program for small and midsize companies.

“[Handsome Cycles] wants to bring these bikes to the professional world, shrinking the gap between employment and enjoyment,” says company spokesperson Natalie Conrad.

Handsome customizes each corporate fleet, incorporating the client’s color scheme into its bike frames. The bikes can even be customized to resemble — within the limits of physical possibility — clients’ corporate car fleets. The company’s techs claim they can customize bikes from the ground up, meaning out-of-the-box clients can commission rides that literally aren’t available anywhere else.

The W Hotel is another local business that has a corporate bike fleet from Handsome Cycles. Photo courtesy of Handsome Cycles.

Corporate bike pricing varies widely based on customization and accessory options. (Want Handsome’s all-inclusive “commuter package,” which retails for $269, on each bike? It’ll cost you.) Handsome offers bulk pricing on larger orders, so individual bikes cost less than the company’s $599-and-up retail options.

Handsome markets its corporate bike program to companies looking for fun, eco-friendly transportation options in town, and as a community- and culture-building asset. So far, its clients seem to agree.

“We wanted to provide a fun activity and a great way to show Minneapolis off to our clients,” says Jessi Reddin, director of creative strategy at JL Buchanan, in a video released by Handsome Cycles. “We picked Handsome because we love that they’re really well made, they have great design, and they allowed us to customize bikes to fit our brand aesthetic.” JLB’s wood baskets, for instance, mirror the wood base in the company’s Nicollet Mall offices.

Learn more about Handsome Cycles’ corporate fleet program and inquire about pricing here.