Eat Healthy with Meat Healthy

Local service brings farm-fresh produce straight to your door

By Raha Khan
Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Having grown up on a small farm, Jeff Block understands the relationship between farmers and their livestock. “Farmers spend so much time caring for the animals that they become like family,” says Block, the founder of Meat Healthy, a delivery service that provides ethically raised meats. “It’s a different dynamic than in large farms where the main goal is production.”

Jeff started Meat Healthy because he saw a need for local meat in addition to that offered at farmer’s markets. This inspired him to create a subscription service that brings humanely raised meat products directly to doorsteps around the Twin Cities. A variety of meats and dairy are delivered in rotation depending on availability, helping his customers learn to use different cuts and make the most out of any meat product.

Along with providing healthy options to the public, Jeff also hopes to help farmers become 100% self-sustainable. Because ethically sourced meat has lower yields, many local farmers don’t have the incentive and resources to produce it. By expanding its reach through the delivery system, Meat Healthy hopes to help farmers grow their customer base and their bottom line by reaching the groups that don’t typically visit farmer’s markets. “There are a lot of traditional families using the service. They want to support Minnesota farmers and eat healthier for themselves and their kids, but didn’t have a convenient way to do so. It’s been a huge asset to our subscribers that they can sign up once and get monthly deliveries without having to order again and again,” says Jeff.

All Meat Healthy animals live in unconfined spaces, giving them plenty of fresh air and exercise. They are also raised without hormones or antibiotics and consume a mostly natural diet themselves from food grown by the farmers.  This genuine dedication to the animals and farmers has created immense growth for the business, which experienced a 400% increase in its first year without paid marketing.

The company is also rolling out a new referral program that encourages current customers to spread the word to their friends, a word-of-mouth technique that’s worked well for Meat Healthy. “I hope to keep the momentum going and expanding,” Jeff shares. “I’m extremely passionate about it.”