Leslie Frécon is managing partner and founder of LFE Capital. As a glass-ceiling-shattering pioneer, she founded the company in 2000 after having served as senior vice president of corporate finance at General Mills (GMI), where she was both the youngest and first female executive in the company’s history. Read More
A sick dog gave Ali Jarvis her classic entrepreneur’s flash: that moment when she needed a service that didn’t exist and figured that, if it was something she valued, other people would, as well. Read More
The dream of owning a business is still a big thing in Minnesota. According to the U.S. Census and state filing records, between 8,000 and 17,000 new businesses are started in Minnesota each year. Only a small percentage hire employees. Typical start-up costs: around $20,000 to $50,000. Read More

You may recognize his face from the DIY Network series Bath Crashers, but these days Studio/E member Matt Muenster is spending his time crashing the local production industry. He and his two fellow managing partners, Sarah Sundahl and Linda Elmquist, run SPOKE612, a Twin Cities-based production company that focuses on crafting memorable stories. Read More
Long before probiotics became a household name, Sita Dash, PhD, a New American entrepreneur, began groundbreaking work on manufacturing a robust probiotic strain in 1979. He completed his doctorate at South Dakota State University in 1973 and served as director of South Dakota’s Food and Drug Administration. Read More
They are Minnesota’s Santas, working the retail centers, company parties and holiday events. Their local organization, North Star Santas, boasts more than 100 members, most with natural white beards.
Some of them become Santa’s helper for the sheer fun of it, while others bag a tidy profit with annual mall and modeling gigs.
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Local video communication company and previous MN Cup Student Division Finalist, ilos, is continuing its upward momentum by accelerating growth on the hiring front to keep up with demand in the marketplace. Read More

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Tiffany Snyder is one of those special people you meet who exudes an entrepreneurial vibe and happens to work in a large organization. She prefers agility to big initiatives that cause paralysis — a deadly symptom that runs rampant in organizations which have so many resources to throw at new ideas. Read More
Entrepreneurs, start your engines! It’s time to take your innovations to the next level, by applying for the 2017 MN Cup. Since 2005, the MN Cup has been supporting entrepreneurship in Minnesota by helping early-stage businesses get off the ground. Read More