Startups and Launches Most Likely to Succeed: People's Choice Awards

Monday, August 15, 2016

Click here to vote for the Startups and Launches Most Likely to Succeed.


How did you select the businesses that appear on the ballot?

Minnesota Business solicited nominations from many of the contacts and friends of the magazine, including our (Real) Power 50 honorees and our Young Entrepreneurs. If the companies met our requirements (5 years old or less and based in Minnesota) and we had adequate information about them, they were included on the list.

How did you select the category for each company?

We understand that many companies are categorically ambiguous, so we selected the single category that seemed to us to make the most sense.

How does voting work?

After all nominations are internally reviewed and fact-checked and any ineligible nominations eliminated, the nominated startups and small businesses will be included on the online ballot. Beginning on July 5, 2017, and running through July 20, 2017, we invite readers to go online to vote for the best startups in Minnesota. We rely solely on readers to decide on the finalists (the top three candidates who receive the most votes) and winners (the top candidate who receives the most votes). Editorial staff will oversee the decision-making; worthy non-winners may still be featured as an “editor’s choice.”

Can my clients vote from a shared computer or tablet at my business?

No. Only one ballot is accepted per IP address. (Each device — phone, computer, tablet — has its own IP address.) We automatically eliminate any additional ballots from an IP address to control the possibility of ballot-stuffing. Instead, encourage your clients to vote from their own smartphone, tablet or home computer.

Can my employees vote?

No. This is the people’s choice and bigger firms would have an advantage.

What happens if I am a winner?

Each winner will be notified by email. You will be included in the November issue of Minnesota Business.

Does advertising influence the contest?

The readers’ choice survey is managed by our editorial department and is completely separate from the advertising in the magazine. As usual, advertising is managed by our sales department. The readers’ choice survey has no relationship with or effect on advertising, and vice versa.