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On the Up-and-Up
Minnesota’s rank went up from 21st to 16th in the latest Kaufmann Index for startup activity in the 25 largest states. Wisconsin remains in last place on the list, which is based, among other things, on the rate of adults becoming new entrepreneurs. California leapfrogged Texas and Florida to achieve the top ranking this time around.
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Long before probiotics became a household name, Sita Dash, PhD, a New American entrepreneur, began groundbreaking work on manufacturing a robust probiotic strain in 1979. He completed his doctorate at South Dakota State University in 1973 and served as director of South Dakota’s Food and Drug Administration. Read More
Deep fried avocados, duck bacon wontons, jalapeño cheese curds, a scoop of raw chocolate chip cookie dough Read More

It looks like an oversized food truck, but the internal design of the vehicle replicates a restaurant line, with 44 feet of kitchen.  Read More