Get Real

Authenticity breeds success

What is real power? And what is different about the leaders who have it? After 20 years in corporate America as a leader in the trenches and today as a full-time speaker helping teams across the country boost performance, sales and leadership impact, I’ve had conversations with countless C-suite executives, business owners, managers and individual contributors. Several factors impact how leaders are perceived and what makes them stand out. One of the more frequently mentioned power elements is authenticity.

When you were a little kid, you had a personality and behaviors that defined you as a mini-human. As you grew up, the influences of society, experiences, genetics and the workplace further molded you into who you are today.

As an adult, you’ve also developed the skills to adapt your behaviors and personality to what you think others expect. While this adaptability can help you manage difficult or unknown situations, flexing too far and covering up your authentic self can impact how you show up as a leader, coworker and business partner.

When you own your authentic self, you naturally develop a personal brand that can attract or repel people and opportunities. The key is to consistently showcase the best elements of your authentic self, so you amplify your influence, power and engagement with others in a way that feels natural to you.

Below are five power boosts I’ve uncovered in my research that happen when you step into your true self. 

1. You will be a magnetic leader.
When you aren’t showing up as your true self, you attract people who like and admire those inauthentic qualities. That means you aren’t surrounded by the right people who will support you in your real growth and goals. When you behave in ways that are in alignment with your strengths, flaws and goals, the right hires, clients and network will be magnetized to you and want to rally around you and your ideas.  

2. You will be a financially secure leader.
People buy from people they know, like and trust, whether it’s buying an actual product or service, or buying an idea. They like to spend money and energy when their innermost emotional needs are being met. When you can connect with people on a deeper level as your authentic self, you will create deeper and more lucrative relationships with your team, customers, vendors and prospects. 


3. You will be a trusted leader.
Truly being yourself leads to a consistent experience for people who interact with you no matter where or when they are with you. When they feel secure in knowing you are always the same person, they are more likely to trust you with big and small tasks, sensitive information, decisions, and responsibilities. This will lead to promotions into more powerful roles and influence in decisions that impact bigger and more important initiatives.

4. You will be a more confident leader.
Being inauthentic can hit your self-confidence in a big way because it means you are constantly changing who you are in certain scenarios. When you have to change so often, it can be hard to keep track of your multiple personalities. This creates confusion, stress and poor decision-making. When you make bad decisions and see the negative outcomes, it makes you question yourself and hits your self-esteem. When you’re authentic and consistently your true self, your confidence will skyrocket as all areas of your life improve. 

5. You will be a happier leader.
It feels good to live authentically. It attracts the right people, opportunities — and money. When you are living in your true flow, you are less stressed and feel happier, which boosts endorphins. These endorphins are feel-good chemicals that naturally increase energy, mood and positivity. All that goodness creates major happiness in your life, and when you’re happy, your team, clients and personal circles will feel that and look to you as a source of power. 

When you act like your true self, not only will you be creating a consistent experience for others but you will feel more in control of your own life and success. This consistency massively boosts your credibility, likability and trustworthiness both personally and professionally which, in turn, will drive your own success, excitement, fulfillment and happiness.

So you see, living a life that showcases your authentic self is the best way to powerfully move ahead as a leader regardless of your actual job title. No matter who or what you’ve tried to be in the past, it’s time to step into the amazing and authentic self that only you can showcase.

Kristen Brown is an action-focused and entertaining keynote speaker and trainer who uses her world-class industry expertise and research into human behavior to motivate business leaders to elevate their brand and skyrocket their performance for maximum impact on results even during change and stress. For more information visit kristenbrownpresents.com or contact her at Kristen@kristenbrownpresents.com


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