Grooming simplified

An upcoming, all-in-one Minnesota product aims to help consumers cut down on time and money

By Laurel Streed

Njord is a men’s hair styling balm meant to cut down on other extraneous products that take up too much time and money. It’s a hair styling wax, skin lotion and lip balm — all in one.

With its Scandinavian name and local manufacturing, Njord is a home-grown company and product. “We think of Njord as a brand that lives somewhere between the North Loop and the North Shore,” says Will Davis, founder and CEO.

Davis says that as consumers, we are trained to look for clear cues on which products do what. He and his team want to reduce clutter and eliminate unnecessary products by creating a simple and quality solution that is quick and effective for on-the-go consumers.

Njord products are made with a few simple ingredients, including a rare and quick-absorbing camellia seed oil, and without chemicals or synthetics. “Njord has a subtle, earthy fragrance from the beeswax, plus a hint of a lavender-orange essential oil blend we created,” Davis says. This past summer, Njord launched a Kickstarter campaign, and reached its goal of $5,000 in less than eight hours, reached $10,000 in less than 48 hours and in total raised $15,733. There is an “Exclusive North Loop scent” available on the company’s Kickstarter page.

Njord is a Public Benefit Corporation. It will help ensure the company remains on track with its commitment to customer satisfaction, reducing consumption and even supporting honeybees.

The company also plans on expanding. Although it takes the idea of “fewer, better products” seriously, Njord is looking into offering multi-purpose soaps and deodorants. You can pre-order or get more information at